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Welcome to UIConnect

UICONNECT is your link to Nebraska Unemployment Insurance (UI) Programs. This website provides employers the tools and resources needed to conduct UI tax and benefit functions with ease. Please use the links below to login to UICONNECT.

Do you need to? Click here :
  • File and Pay Quarterly Combined Tax and Wage Reports
  • Apply for an Employer Account Number
  • Amend or Review Quarterly Reports
  • Manage or Edit Your Account
  • Review Rate Information
  • Read Important Information Regarding Your Account
  • Complete Employers Request for Separation Information (Form 350)
  • Appeal a Benefit Claim
Do you need to? Click here :
  • Complete Benefit Payment Audit
Click here for Completing Benefit Payment Audit
Explore the Online Tutorial to become familiar with UICONNECT and how you can put it to work for your business or organization.
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